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Plant Refitting and Modernization Tasks

Are your producing plants partially or totally still equipped with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and/or components of the type Siemens Simatic S5?

Simatic S5 Steuerung

These controllers have been discontinued by SIEMENS years ago. So that in the event of failure of the PLC and/or a control component (i.e. I/O cards, interface modules, etc.) no spare parts are available or, at best, only after weeks of waiting time, downtime that is not acceptable for a producing company.
We will gladly assist you and provide you with our over 15 years proven expertise, not only while upgrading your equipment from the programmable logic controllers of the Simatic S5 family to the current Simatic S7 family, but we also stand at your disposal by all your retrofitting and modernization tasks.

Simatic S7 Steuerung

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