Anlagenwartung / Störungsbehebung / Ersatzteile

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Remote Assistance / Emergency support / Spare Parts

Anlagenwartung / Störungsbehebung / Ersatzteile

If you do however run into problems, we will not let you down. Over telephone support or remote access via MODEM or VPN (Virtual Private Network) access, we can identify and solve the problems fast. For problems that cannot be solved remotely, experienced electricians from our competence team are kept at your disposal. We will also assist and help you, even if your site or facilities were built by others than we.
We willingly can achieve the following tasks for you:

  • Inspection and maintenance of existing plant
  • Insulation and earth measurements including
  • Profibus DP measurements including recordings
  • Documentation review
  • Debugging / Troubleshooting

Due to our close and privileged partnership to big component manufacturers and wholesalers, we can easily supply electrical spare parts of all kinds within short time schedule. A short overview of deliverable components is listed as follows:

  • All types of sensors (inductive, capacitive, optical, security sensors, level measurement, flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc.)
  • Electrical components for switchgear cabinets (contactors, circuit breaker, motor protectors, power supply, E-Stop relays, etc.)
  • PLC components (CPUs, I/O cards, communication processors)
  • SCADA, visualization and control systems

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